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Tips to Remember When Preparing for a Move

Whether you own your home or you’re simply renting, moving is an inevitable part of life. The average American moves approximately 12 times in their life, and many times they don’t know where to start. Needless to say, moving can be stressful, overwhelming, and confusing. If you’re having trouble and feel as though you’re not…

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The 3 Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make When They Move Locations

Moving your entire home and all your belongings can be stressful. But moving your entire business, including all your office furniture, computers, and equipment, is even more so. Obviously, you will need to hire local commercial movers for moving day itself, but there’s a lot more that goes into planning an office relocation. Unfortunately, there…

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4 Ways to Reduce Your Moving Stress

The average American will move 12 times in their lifetime, but that doesn’t mean that it gets any easier. In fact, because we tend to accumulate more possessions as we grow up, each move can become more stressful than the last. Whether you’re moving to a new state or just down the street, moving takes…

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